Xavier knight is a firm uniquely capable of adding value to any buildings project.

Our clients are assured that our professional team challenges every aspect of building loads and behaviour to optimise the structural form and deliver a practical and economical building that meets the architectural expression and design intent.

Xavier Knight has a strong reputation in using the following methods to economise buildings project;

  • Application of world’s best practices in engineering design, the latest technology, advanced materials and sustainability considerations to gain efficiency in construction time, achieve materials minimisation and reduce structural cost.
  • Carry out structural options analysis to discover the most economical system that suits the project brief, ground conditions and architectural intent – Xavier Knight always adopts unique solutions for a given project.
  • Discriminate structural behaviour by applying advanced technology in the form of 3D finite element analysis.
  • Optimisation of column and wall layout with the intent to reduce/eliminate transfer structures.
  • Optimising site retention systems and shoring wall solutions by applying strong technical knowledge of geology and applying enhanced geotechnical parameters where possible.
  • Carry out full design and detailing of post tensioned structures.
  •  Fully coordinate architectural and services engineer requirements for the projects and integrate these harmoniously with the structure.