Xavier Knight embraces its responsibility to deliver sustainable projects to the community. Our goal is to design our projects to minimise their impact on the earth and maximise their benefit to the community, whilst maintaining economic and social considerations. We pride ourselves in promoting state of the art research in sustainable initiatives.

Our firm has the ability to design building structures in accordance with the requirements of the Green Building Council of Australia – Green Star Credit Criteria.

The following are some of the sustainable initiatives we can apply to structures;

  • Selection of appropriate structural systems to minimise the amount of concrete and steel materials in the structure.
  • Re-use of existing structures where possible.
  • Re-use and recycling of building materials in obsolete structures.
  • Specifying the use of industrial waste products in the production of new building products.
  • Specifying pre-fabricated materials to minimise off cuts and waste on construction sites.

The following are some of the initiatives we can apply to civil works;

  • Balance cut/fill requirements to prevent having to bring fill in or remove it to land fill.
  • Erosion and sediment control measures
  • Use of recycled materials including crushed concrete for fill and recyclable pipes.
  • Stabilisation of soil to avert excessive spoil removal and replacement