Xavier Knight Consulting Engineer’s core philosophy is the belief that by providing a high level of customer focus, we can provide a unique, practical and economical engineering solution that will meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

The professional team at Xavier Knight approaches each project with a holistic perspective. Through communication and collaboration we seek to understand the needs of our clients and the design team and this fosters our ability to satisfy social, cultural and economic outcomes of the project.

Through technical excellence, creativity and innovation we add value to each project. We harness world’s best practices in engineering design, technology, advanced materials and sustainability considerations to gain efficiency in construction time, achieve materials minimisation and reduce structural cost.

We are passionate and committed to explore all structural options and challenge industry standards to ensure we deliver extraordinary projects which are above all; easy to build, practical and cost effective whilst achieving architectural expression and design intent.

We believe in the value of quality workmanship. We adopt very stringent Quality control procedures in line with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems. Our designs are clear, concise and practical which ensures all stages of the project can be completed seamlessly and efficiently with little variation.

We value feedback from all our clients and the professionals we work with. This ensures we are able to continually improve and maintain leadership within the engineering field.